My Furry Funny Feline Pet

For me it was love at first sight
For him there was unease
But I resolved with all my might
I'd do my best to please

Eventually a certain trust
Seemed to evolve but still
To pick him up would be unjust
'Twould be against his will

And yet at night when I retire
He jumps upon my bed
He wants a friend, I don't inquire
I plant a kiss upon his head

He knows when I am fixing food
A meal for him is due
Straight to his room he starts to run
His path I then pursue

He's often on the window ledge
I had installed for him
He studies every flower and hedge
Enjoyment at his whim

Some folks might say he's just a cat
I care not what they say
He is a bit of Heaven
That brightens up my day

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