By: Dorothy J.Nitsche

  I remember the day we went to the zoo
  A crew of two and their Pop
  We were strolling along and approached the big bears
  And we were compelled to stop

  My Pop had some popcorn he pitched to a bear
  Tiny little kernels flying through the air
  A crowd had gathered round, I heard a lady say
  That man must be a pitcher, just look at the way
  He pitches to that bear who need not change his stance
  That crowd knew that this was due to skill and not mere chance

  That bear merely moved his head
  An inch to left or right
  Those kernels were headed right for his mouth
  The moment they took flight

  The time then came-the corn was gone
  And so we had to move along
  And as we moved along our way
  I said to myself I'll remember this day
  And remembering it will always be
  Tucked away safely in my memory!

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