He’s only a bird in a cage without gilt
Just a mere few of inches of blue
But he’s conquered our hearts, and say what thou wilt
The same thing could happen to you

When Pudgy and I were first introduced
He eyed me with calmness and poise
But now when he speaks, what a torrent is produced
Of the best conversational noise

His powers of learning are quite unsurpassed
For a fellow his size, he’s a whiz
He’s picked up our language amazingly fast
So to oblige him, we’ve learned his

No one could dispute he’s a "handsome young feller"
A priceless, unique little guy
One could with assurance call him a "best seller"
But he's not for sale, you know why

He never acts sullen, never seems sad
A message he seems to convey
Bring laughter to others and you will be glad
That you helped to brighten their day

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