THE WEB

  Again I carefully read the ad
  Listing skills that I still had
  I knew that I could qualify
  If I could tell a Small White Lie

  The problem was my date of birth
  The many years I'd lived on Earth
  Was something I could not reveal
  I must create an age Not Real

  I hurried to the job location
  Uneasily made application
  The room was small, devoid of noise
  In mid-air now my pen was poised
  The time had come, I must decide
  How old I was- and so I lied

  Soon an interview took place
  I met the lady, face to face
  She read my page, I saw her pause
  It was My Age, --- that was the cause

  She said "I now must verify
  Your legal status so may I
  Just see your driverís license, please"
  My flushing face showed my unease
  I stuttered, "Oh, itís in the car!
  Iíll go and get it, itís not far."
  She smiled and said "Thatís quite alright."
  I quickly rose, and then took flight

  A famous poet, Iíll never meet
  Had this to say about deceit
  "Oh, what a tangled Web we weave
  When first we practice to deceive"
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