As twins, we knew without a doubt
   We’d always help each other out
   We shared a "twinly" point of view
   We each know what we each must do

   When we were in our first grade class
   We learned to read so we could pass
   A Reading Test the teacher said
   Would help to make us all well read

   My sister’s turn then came to read
   Her silence signaled me the need
   To stand before the class and utter
   "Teacher, she can’t help but stutter!"

   With pain I watched her face turn red
   Occasioned by the words I’d said
   Oh, how I wished I could erase
   Those words which now seemed
   out of place

   We know the scarecrow suffered pain
   Because he thought he had no brain
   Sometimes it is not very smart
   To try to think with just the heart!

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