If 2 plus 2 equates to 4
And 5 is only 1 year more
Age 6 attained, would you agree
Is surely old enough to be

Another year slips by, Good Heavens!
We're in the Roaring Raging Sevens
Then soon it's time to celebrate
The ripe old age of Now I'm 8

6 months more, if this you double
You're in the midst of Aging Trouble
Add this to 8 and you create
A 9 year old as sure as fate

At 10 the years begin to fly
A process we cannot defy
Years come from a Source of Plenty
You turn around and find you're 20

If at some point we could stop counting
To prevent the years from mounting
By holding numbers in reserve
Perhaps our youth we could preserve

But benefits arrive with age
As we perform upon a stage
Familiar now,we're more at ease
With this old world we try to please!

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Joyce D. Nitsche