Seems like Casey is a name
That conjures up a baseball game
So when we met this Casey cat
We asked him what he thought of that

He said in rather strident voice
"Baseballís not my Game of Choice
Firstly, I must tell you this
Iím not a Mister, Iím a Miss

A favorite joy in life for me
Is flirting with the boys I see.
Now listen, I have one request
Just take me home, please, as your guest"

We followed her instructions and
Soon learned she owned the upper hand
We dare not misbehave because
Casey makes the Household Laws

Sheís very keen and needs no map
To find somebodyís waiting lap
She settles down and starts to purr
It is, I guess, Bedtime for her
I sit in silence, patiently
Imprisoned by my Family

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