While as a child I stood in awe
Of all the Irish folk I saw
I loved the Wearin’ of the Green
A Shamrock or St. Patrick scene

I envied them their gift of gab
An ease with words I never had
I thought ‘twould be a Lovely Sin
If I could Steal- - - an Irish grin

I bought a Shamrock plant one day
I was amazed to hear it say
"If Shamrock plants hold such allure
You should be Irish, that’s for sure!"

With anxious heart, I asked my mother
"I know I’m German, French and other
Mother, what’s the other, please?"
She said "Your wonderings now may cease
Indeed your Gramma’s name was Foley"
I felt reborn and almost Holy

Now each St. Patrick’s Day I’m seen
Among the Irish wearin’ Green

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