The front lawn tree appears benign
But on my porch I post a sign
Watch out as you approach the Tree
For Christmas cords you may not see

The cords are very neatly placed
Upon each bough with care they're spaced
But one cord of necessity
Is placed upon the lawn by me
So it can reach a source of power
When time declares the Lights On hour

The mail arrives- I warn "Now, please
Watch out or you could trip with ease"
The young man smiles, he says "I know
Iíll watch exactly where I go."

My eyes glance down to watch his feet
Transfixed, I watch them quickly meet
A Christmas cord, somehow it moves
An inch away from well-worn shoes
He blithely moves upon his way
Heís safe- but only for today

Iím waiting for Technology
To humanize my Christmas Tree
So it can wave itís boughs and talk
This lawn has been MINED, please use the walk!

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