We met her there at Save-A-Pet
She seemed a friendly cat, and yet
My judgment that she was perfection
Later seemed to need correction

But as I studied those green eyes
I quickly came to realize
She wanted not this "orphanís" home
But just a place to call her own

So off we ventured, happily
A scene of solidarity

One day I picked her up and found
She much preferred to be on ground
She hissed and growled, and off she ran
Determined feline on the lam
I shouted "Jennie, Iím your friend!"
But all I saw was her rear end

I thought, Iíll teach her, itís a must
In God and me to place her trust
I felt a tapping at my knee
My Jennie had come back to me

No matter what is deemed perfection
I love my Save-A-Pet selection

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