They said to me "Too long youve tarried
By now, of course, you should be married."
So when I met this handsome man
I thought Ill catch him if I can

Club President was his title when
I first espied him way back then
He liked me too, it soon was clear
Id have success, I had no fear

He liked to golf, he liked to dance
I really liked this new romance
But now and then we'd disagree
I said "I'm right! And so did he--
I said Id never marry him
We argued. Then he said "You win."

My life style changed, I chose a mode
Leading down a lonely road

One day I learned my friend had died
"Why did this happen, God?" I cried
The Lord gave me a withering glance
He said "My dear, you had your chance.
But hes reserved a place for you
So when youre ready, we are too.

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